How was being a nerd 20 years ago Last week I became 35 and I was touched by a feeling to write and share how was being a nerd in the 90’s. First of all, we didn’t choose to be a nerd, in fact, we were named based on our behaviour, friends, attitudes and of course, our grades at school. Despite the fact that today it is very cool to be called nerd, at my time you wouldn’t be happy, it would be pretty much…

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Software Testing Tool – Why the companies are not requesting and how to start…

Hi guys, today I am going to bring a discussion about why the embedded roles have no software testing tools requirements and how we can get a benefit of it. In the second part of the video, we are going to start in the software testing world with a very interesting tool: Valgrind.

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Embedded Interview: You failed yesterday, but you will succeed tomorrow… for the same company

I know how is the feeling when you prepare yourself for an interview at your dreams company, it is the right role, you can see yourself working with them, developing equipment that you really think is awesome, but for some reason, you failed and they did not make you an offer.

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BREXIT and the opportunities ahead

The discussion about BREXIT is very interesting nowadays, but I am not here to discuss the pros and cons of BREXIT, it is a fact and it is going to happen early or late and more important, it is changing the country as a whole. Meanwhile, how is it connected to embedded software ??? Let’s have a look.

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