How was being a nerd 20 years ago

follow Last week I became 35 and I was touched by a feeling to write and share how was being a nerd in the 90’s. First of all, we didn’t choose to be a nerd, in fact, we were named based on our behaviour, friends, attitudes and of course, our grades at school. Despite the fact that today it is very cool to be called nerd, at my time you wouldn’t be happy, it would be pretty much offensive and I remember a lot of friends crying and screaming saying: ” I am not”.

Talking about our behaviour, we didn’t have many friends, we were very competitive and introspective. I remember being afraid of talking to girls and our books were some kind of refugee which gave us some kind of pleasure when our name was mention between the best of the class and sometimes, the entire school. I am sure this kind of reward was an invitation to receive the nerd badge.

However, today the increasing number or we can say, with the media flood about sci-fi series, super-heroes, super-power teenagers, the nerd has become a cool guy or even more, the world saver. He has the best jokes, surrounded by girls and cool events which everyone dream to be. Of course, we loved the first star-wars or back to the future, not only because they were cool, but the scientific details were connected since the first episode and remember, being a nerd meant you knew about this kind of things. On the other hand, the nowadays teenagers which declare themselves nerds, thanks to cools series like because the Big Bang Theory, are struggling with the basic maths.

But the comparison doesn’t stop, It is common that people associate nerds with video-game players, which is a mistake. We were nerd, we didn’t have time for that in case you have enough money to buy one. Your first computer was an invitation to start to learn how to assemble and disassemble that strange machine and not to create relationships or play. Don’t say about costumes party, it is not nerd, remember, we didn’t talk to girls, and dressing up as super-heroes would be unthinkable. In fact, nerds were rarely invited to the cool parties.

Nevertheless, we grew up, and with a world giving more value to knowledge, we faced many opportunities in uncountable areas. Nerds are spread and I guess they are trying some kind of revenge, flooding the adult life with nostalgic stuff from their teenager lives.

The teenagers of today, and here you can include from 13 to 24, are consuming these items and guess what !?!? They want to be like them, but what happens with the average grades in school !?!? Do you think they have improved…… You know they don’t. Today we have more and more teens asking: “What do you have for me?” than thinking: “What can I do to get that?”.

I grew up and being a regular cinema visitor (Thanks to Cineworld Unlimited card), I confess that I miss movies with more content. The world is bored to be saved and nerds no longer exist. This new generation needs a new name, maybe a common label, but don’t say it to them because they think they are all specials.

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